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In addition to our computer repair and consulting business, we’ve taken on additional ‘forward-thinking’ Siyata branded projects:

  • Hashkafah Jewish Forums – Before the birth of social media, this forum was a thriving online community for members to discuss Jewish topics.
  • Bayswater Jewish Directory – This directory is a benefit to the residents who are geographically isolated from the proper Far Rockaway and Five Towns community. It’s a list of resources, local businesses, synagogues, and residents in the area.
  • EverydayKosherCooking.com A hopeful project before the demise of DVD, this video series was created to educate and visually benefit those who were interested in cooking techniques.
  • SmartConnectionsNY.com (Also known as T.A.G. of Far Rockaway & Five Towns) Internet filtering initiative for the community which provides guidance to families about the dangers of the internet, securing technology with filters and monitoring software, and selling unique kosher phone products.