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SEO Services

As a business owner, leveraging SEO is an opportunity you can’t afford to overlook. The ability to target a highly specific audience, increase visibility within local search results, build trust, cater to mobile users, and gain a competitive edge makes SEO an indispensable asset for your business growth. We’re located in Far Rockaway, NY, and offer a variety of remote SEO services for your business. Why hire someone in-house, or overpay a marketing agency to do what we do? Some outsource to us, as we do it better. See our list below of freelance SEO services. Our services are available anywhere in the world!

Local SEO

Local SEO involves optimizing your website to appear prominently in search engine results when geographic locals search for your products or services. When individuals search for something online, they typically use search engines like Google or Bing to find businesses offering what they need. Search engines prioritize local businesses in their results based on entered keywords. This is where the significance of local SEO becomes apparent. By optimizing your website for local search, you enhance its visibility to potential customers who are actively searching for products or services that your business offers. Nowadays, the majority of searchers and customers are using their cell phones for their local searches. If you own a local business and you are not prioritizing Local Search, you are missing out on a goldmine of leads as the top 3 positions get most of the traffic from potential customers. When your business is easily discoverable on Google, you can attract more traffic to your website. This increased online visibility can contribute to expanding your customer base and ultimately boosting the revenue your business generates. Our Local SEO begins with this initial work:
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Search Engine and Directory Listings (Business Listing Optimization)
Contact us at Siyata’s Local SEO Services to discuss how we can help you maximize the advantages of local SEO.


Our comprehensive audits aim to identify these components of your website.
  • Website Structure and Navigation
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Quality
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Page Load Speed
  • Backlink Profile
  • Local SEO (if applicable)
After completing a thorough audit, we create a comprehensive report that highlights our findings, prioritizes recommendations, and provides clear, actionable steps for improvement. This report can serve as a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their website’s performance (even they don’t hire us for SEO services).

SEO Consulting

Any of our services are available, if you just want our approach to your website, without buying an SEO services package.

Technical and Content SEO

We examine technical aspects such as the website’s crawlability, indexability, and the presence of XML sitemaps. Issues such as duplicate content, canonicalization, use of robots.txt, and much more are analyzed. Assess the quality, relevance, and uniqueness of the content on each page. Identify opportunities for improvement (such as creating linkable assets), optimizing for target keywords, and addressing any duplicate content issues.

Backlink Provider

All of our services mentioned above is really just ‘web work’ compared to the SEO power of backlinks. Backlinks are considered one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website in the search results.